Thank you for your interest in adopting a companion parrot from All Parrot Rescue, A.P.R.

The information you provide here will be used as a form of pre-screening.

Completion of the application does not guarantee you a parrot. 

Please fill the applicable form completely. Incomplete applications are ineligible for consideration. 

By signing this application you acknowledge that all initials/signatures, although digital, are as binding as hand-written signatures. Parrot adoption fees do apply and fees range based on individual bird. 100% of fees contribute towards birds in our care.  

APR does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status.

We do not give lists of parrots that are available for we have a goal of  the parrot picks you once you come and visit once approved.  It works and its about making it work. You will love the process.

APR Adopts primarily in Washington State.   


We occasionally adopt APR parrots to people living in other states in the U.S. with additional fees.

Adoption Information

Our parrot adoption program is run by All Parrots rescue (“APR”), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that accepts companion parrots from unwanted, emergency or crisis situations throughout the Pacific Northwest area and which facilitates new adoptive homes, through training and education.



Click here for full details on out-of-state adoptions. 

The Adoption Process


A VERY important part of how we process and what is expected of you as an adopter applying for an APR parrot.

The first step in adopting from APR is completion of this online application. It is imperative references be provided with your application and that the application is fully completed.

APR staff members or volunteers will review your application and then will contact you with questions, concerns or clarification. After initial assessment, references will be contacted. The APR reviewer will then forward your application, along with all recommendations, to senior APR staff. The initial screening process can take 3-10 days contingent on reference response and any clarification requirements.

Reviewer recommendations may include volunteer time at the facility especially for those with no or minimal parrot experience. During this time you will learn how to provide a healthy and safe environment for parrots which may include meeting basic diet requirements, handling, potential safety hazards, grooming and/or assisting senior staff with "vet day".

Upon completion of any pre-requisites, you will be invited to the facility for a "meet & greet" with the current parrots in our care. A visit can last 1 - 4 hours and may include more than one visit. Once picked by one of the parrots in care, you are ready to move to the final stage of the adoption process, the home check. WE do not place parrot pictures of birds in care We let the bird have a choice. 

The home check is made to ensure your environment is safe and fully functional for the species of parrot that has chosen you. Cages should be adequate in size and fully fitted with toys and proper stimulus. Food should have already been purchased to meet specific diet requirements and  you should already have located a certified avian vet for routine wellness checks, emergency situations and general medial needs.

You are now ready to bring your new parrot home.

Post Adoption

If you are on Facebook, chances are you will receive an invitation to the closed group, APR Adopters and Volunteers page as a village member. This is a place where previous adopters (village members) share stories and photos of their birds adopted from APR. By the time you have adopted, the chances are good that the village has followed progress of your bird during its stay at APR for months, occasionally years. Many have contributed towards your parrots medical needs and other routine expenses. An APR parrot IS a "village" parrot.

Although not required to join, the APR Adopters and Volunteer page is a great place to meet new friends, exchange stories and updates on your bird with many that do have some form of attachment with your parrot. At a minimum we would like occasional updates on your parrot to APR senior staff. 

Adoption fee schedule for ALL adopters - Fee range MAY NOT include cage, toys, food etc. These items must should be purchased, set up and fully functional upon  approval.  

Adopt Rather Than Buy: please try to come into the adoption process with an open mind:

If the bird you are interested in adopting has its own cage, your adoption fee will include that cage. This is a value of anywhere from $200.00 to 1,000, depending on the cage. (90% of the birds we have available for adoption do have their own cage.

Most importantly, your adoption fee pays for the next animal in need of a home. Without this fee, we could not take in another animal. Your adoption fee saves the life of another!

Please be patient with us on this, we are all volunteers and this may take up to one week.
We will contact you within 5 business days to verify that we have received the application.
Please e-mail us if you do not hear from us within that time. check spam folders.
If your application is not completely filled out.
You will not be forward to process. 

Each applicant needs to assure they fill out all Questions. 

Adoption fees per bird (all fees include the birds cage IF the bird has a cage, so please ask!

If you choose to purchase a cage, please run it by our adoption coordinator as we do have minimum cage size requirements):

Small (keet/tiel/lovie) $25+ Plus dependent on vetting.

Medium (quaker/irn/conure) $250-$400 Dependent on Vetting.

Large (zon/grey/macaw/Cockatoo) $400- $800 Dependent on vetting.

Adopters pay an adoption fee, which helps to offset the costs of medical exams, treatment, food and supplies. Adoption fees range from $25 to $800 sometimes the parrot will come with full set up dependent on birds needs. 

If the match is agreeable by both the applicant and APR, a signed an adoption contract and paid adoption fee will be required before the bird is released. You can then take your new family member home!

All of our birds have either been converted to a healthy diet or we are working on converting the bird and will help you continue that process if needed.  Your adoption includes any follow up phone and/or e-mail consultations for education, nutrition, and behavior – if needed – at no charge. We could not perform these critical and necessary services without those funds or without the generous donations from our supporters whose contributions help maintain our efforts. We ask that you please respect and appreciate that those fees are in place for specific reasons – mainly to support our continued effort in helping birds in need and that no one except our birds benefit from those revenues. We will not entertain arguments over adoption fees.  We do require that the person who will be caring for the bird fill out the application and go through the process. Please do not complete this application until all of the above requirements are agreed to and conditions are met!

ADOPTION application

Do you travel for work?

All those that reside on property are aware that this application is being made.

Ever surrender a pet, forcefully lost ownership via County/State or been subjected to fines?

Housing status

Ownership status? If rent we will need approval from Landlord..

Check ALL that applies to your home

Do you have past current or past experience with parrots?

Any experience with birds facing handicap or behavior issues?

Are you able and/or willing to handle a bird facing handicap or behavior issues?

What type of bird would you be comfortable with (check all that apply)

APR Adoption Application