In a lifetime you come across few souls that are pure enough to change the lives of many, sweet enough to spread kindness, and loving enough to teach forgiveness.  APR is blessed with more of these souls than many will ever come across.

Rescue is both the deepest pain and the most glorious joy.

Each feathered beauty at APR has a story. Each story is bound together to form the APR community. Our village.

All have a place in our hearts, however, there are a select few that collectively have helped to form the foundation of our rescue.

These are their stories.


Our "cover girl"

Scooter was born with splayed legs. Her previous owner tried to help her and was misguided that breaking her legs would help her. This only made life for Scooter more difficult. Due to lack of knowledge and time, Scooter was offered for free on Craigslist. APR could not rescue her quick enough! We picked her up and headed to Dr. Ferguson, our avian vet, straight away. Scooter could not hold her food she was so hungry, underweight and malnourished. She cannot perch or climb and her feet were bloodied from hanging on the cage bars.  After many surgeries, providing medical care, and a diet implementation specialized for her our Scooter is now healthy and happy.

To date, Scooter can walk and perch. She Scoots! She is carried to the aviary to be with her flock and is "overseen" by her best friend Lita. During warmer months, Scooter enjoys the outside aviary, fresh air and sounds of nature. Scooter receives daily massages and therapy which keeps her circulation moving and her tendons stretched.  

Although "challenged" with everyday activity Scooters spirit is unaffected. Her condition does not keep her down and she now trusts her keepers. Scooter is inspiration for all to find the ability in disability. 


"Our Diva"

When Mealy first came to APR she required a diet change, medical care and behavioral adjustment. We nursed her to good health and placed her with a forever home when she was ready. Time went on and contact with her new family became scarce.  After finally allowing us to see Mealy, it was apparent that she was being neglected. Her health had deteriorated greatly due to improper care and lack of grooming. Her beak, badly overgrown, had been caused by malnutrition. She was showing signs of stress and was underweight. Mealy could barely eat.

The road to take Mealy home was long. It was a fight few could win facing accusations and receiving little support along the way, or so we thought. The "village" rallied behind the Brewers to again obtain custody of Mealy. APR supporters watched, waited and every day felt the determination and gave their support. We cried together, we cheered together and we united to bring Mealy home. We won.

The second Mealy was when her recovery began. It was slow but progressive. Her stress decreased, her overgrown beak was trimmed in increments and finally she was getting nourishment.  After weekly visits with Dr. Ferguson, her health was returning. She looked loved and happy. In the end, the time of neglect was just too much for our girl. Our village lost Mealy 10/20/2015.

Steve & Sonya's fight, Mealy's fight made our village. It was responsible for the development of strong bonds and new friendships across the nation. It has taught us all that to win the fight, you must fight the fight. Stand up for what is right and never sit down until there is victory. Most importantly, speak loudly on behalf of those with no voice. Through the tears, the pain, the rain and the sun, we are Mealy Strong! 


Everyone's Baby

Dillon is a true rescue story. Abandoned on a back porch with no water and only dog food to eat, APR was called to help. There were years of neglect and self mutilation. Dillon's  open chest wounds were the worst we had seen. There were multiple surgeries and nights of crying in pain. Around the clock care including bandage changes, application of meds and just comforting him was necessary.

Support from all over the Country came in wishing Dillon a speedy recovery and lots of prayers. His progress was slow and at times frustrating. Eventually, Dillon's medical situation began to change. His will to live combined with constant care and whole lot of prayers began to work their magic. His wounds began to heal up and his personality started to shine. He learned to trust and through socialization he learned to play again.  He is a forever resident. 

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