First and foremost, thank you for your interest in adopting a parrot from a rescue instead of buying. This is a big step in helping the thousands of birds that are currently residing in rescues waiting for their chance at a forever home. All Parrot Rescue, or APR, is a family operated, non-profit parrot rescue and sanctuary in Pierce County, Washington. In addition to rescuing parrots in need we also provide education on companion parrot care, mental and physical health, enrichment, diet and so much more.

Sadly, it seems there are more parrots in need of loving, caring and bird-knowledgeable homes than there are homes. Because of the need to find forever homes for the parrots at the rescue, APR is opening its doors to adoption outside of Washington state.

In addition to our regular adoption practices for those living in Washington State, there are a few additional costs and steps involved in adopting out-of-state to ensure our parrots find the right homes. We share these with you to make you fully aware of the out-of-state adoption process.

The Out-of-State Adoption Process

1. Complete the online application. It is imperative references be provided and that the application is fully completed.

2. APR volunteers will review your application and will contact you to talk about your interest and experience in keeping birds and discuss any potential concerns. After initial assessment, references will be contacted. If all looks good, the APR reviewer will then forward your application to senior APR staff. The initial screening process can take 3-10 days contingent on reference response and any clarification requirements.

3. Crucial to the APR adoption process is a home check by an APR volunteer. This visit ensures APR that your home and the adopted parrot’s environment is safe and fully functional. We are able to expand adoptions to many states as we have many former adopters who live all across the U.S. and are willing to volunteer to find homes for the parrots still at the rescue by assisting in home checks. This is also an opportunity for you to ask a knowledgeable parrot owner any pressing questions you may have about bringing home a new companion parrot.  We also do video walk thru. pictures, and mst of all many calls via phone or messenger video chat

4. Once the home check is complete you’ll enter discussions with senior APR staff about the bird you are most interested in adopting. These discussions with APR are critical to ensure the right bird for your home/apt/rental is made.

5. The last and final step is getting your beautiful new parrot to its forever home with you. All adopters must complete an adoption contract which will be sent to you via email. Then APR will schedule your parrot to you a date to accommodate pick up

6. We require you to fly to Washington state for pick up and carry on board. 

We do ARE not shipping we require you the adopter to come and pick up and travel in carrier on flight.

7. Post Adoption. Welcome to the APR family! If you are on Facebook you will receive an invitation to the closed group, APR Adopters and Volunteers page as a village member. This is a place where previous adopters share stories and photos of their birds adopted from APR.

By the time you have adopted, chances are good that the village has followed progress of your bird during its stay at APR for months, occasionally years. Many have contributed towards your parrot’s medical needs and other routine expenses. An APR parrot IS a "village" parrot. Although not required to join, the APR Adopters and Volunteer page is a great place to meet new friends, exchange stories and updates on your bird with many that do have some form of attachment with your parrot. At a minimum we really would like occasional updates on your parrot to APR senior staff.

8. Again, thank you for considering adopting a parrot from All Parrot Rescue. We will do everything we can to ensure you get the most compatible parrot to suit your circumstances.