Rehabilitation and care of parrots is often a journey into the unknown. APR rely's on generous assistance from volunteers, donors, veterinarians and other rescues to provide the best care possible for each parrot. Over the years, we have assisted and in turn obtained assistance from many.

"Capit a Villa"

It takes a village

Below are our working partners and friends who assist us today in reaching one mutual goal.


  • Megawrap for Animals

APR All Parrot Rescue is a nonprofit bird rescue organization based out of Graham, WA. This challenging job required a special shrink-wrap enclosure that embodied both delicacy for ventilation and heftiness for protection against the harsh Washington winters. Any job. Any ANIMAL. We gotcha covered.

For an exclusive look into the parrot sanctuary, check out their featured appearance on Animal Planet’s, Animal Cribs (LINK IN BIO) #allparrotrescue #weloveanimals #shrinkwrapenclosure #anyjob #anyanimal #wegotchacovered #MEGAWRAPINC


We are dedicated professionals who specialize in shrink wrap enclosures. To name just a few, Mega wrap has serviced boat yards, contractors, industrial painting, and sandblasting companies with a quality service that is yet to be matched. Sorry competitors, but that’s a WRAP!


Superfly Parrot Palace


42 min|TV-PG|Premiered 12/15/2017

APR All Parrot Rescue has more than 20 disabled birds in need of rehabilitation and re-homing. Check out this awesome renovation from 'Animal Cribs!' Full episodes right here →

About Us Eagle Industries is a market leader and global source for jobsite enclosures & containment in the industrial & construction industry. We supply a wide range of construction tarps, debris netting, reinforced poly, scaffold containment & weather enclosure sheetings. Our products are used on jobsites for construction safety, demolition, debris protection, weatherization, & total environmental abatement containment. Our team provides outstanding service, knowledge and industry experience to the marketplace. Most importantly we don't offer commodities.....we offer quality products & solutions that keep our customers safe, productive, and profitable on each & every jobsite!

All Parrot Rescue SKU: R26 We are all in this together. We are a husband and wife team who share a love for unwanted, abused and neglected parrots. Steve and Sonya Brewer have set out to help all birds in need. Free shipping to APR.  Click link above ~

Dr. Bridget Ferguson, DVM, ABVP- Certified in Avian Practice

Pine Tree Veterinary Hospital * Maple Valley, WA * (425) 432-2222

Dr Ferguson is an example of quality vetting! Her gentle bedside manner shows she cares!

We have been to other vets but stayed and have followed her and will remain with the BEST!

She treats all of our companion parrots and we can not express her diligence to give best care to our critters
~Sonya Brewer

Olympic Bird Fanciers- Port Orchard, WA


Award winning Real Estate Broker Ruth DeMille

ALL Real Estate needs serviced in Tacoma and all surrounding areas. Ruth is a major contributor donating a percentage of listings/sales to APR. See her today if your looking to buy or sell a home! Be sure to mention APR.

The Sock Buddy for Feather Plucking Parrots-Naionwide Sales was invented in 2003 for feather plucking parrots to protect their skin and help to regulate proper temperature and give them something to focus on. It's comfortable and easy, is conducive to feather regrowth, and wound healing.

 The "Sock Buddy system" shows you how to turn an ordinary sock (preferably a solid, stretchy one), into a safe, non-restrictive, comfortable garment for any size pet bird or Parrot, WITH NO SEWING!. It will protect his or her chest, belly and back from plucking. There are no ties, clasps, velcro, or zippers to distract your bird.
  Because of the way it is cut and put on, it can't ride up like bandages or sweaters. Invented in 2002, This is the one, the only, original, Sock Buddy. PLEASE don't forget to fill in the info box when ordering, species, and name of your bird.
  Most birds like the "Sock Buddy", after an initial break in period,  It provides the same level of warmth as their own feathers. A naked bird cannot regulate his/her body temperature using up valuable calories. This can cause poor feather growth, and weight loss. The kit has special info on healing mutilation wounds fast (taught to me, by a plastic surgeon), and help getting a Sock Buddy on a frightened bird.