Currently APR has faced a resource crisis due to COVID-19. 

Unfortunately we currently do not have those resources for anymore parrots to come in to our care.

 Emergency intakes are also on indefinite hold!

No Foster applications will be taken at this time. For no need.

we are focused on the parrots that are currently in our care. 

We are 80% down in donations in last 6 months. And our programs are limited.

This has APR on emergency financial hardship, And that has resources to 100% to the parrots currently in care. We have many parrots in care at moment and unable to take away from them for any new intakes.

We are not State funded nor do we get GOV Grants to keep running.

We apologize for this inconvenience. We are doing our best to assure we have ability to stay open for the community by adjusting to the changes that Covid-19 has brought upon all of us. It has effected even the animals and our ability to help at this current moment.

If you can find in your heart to donate to our cause to help us thru this. 

Res·cue .
save (someone) from a dangerous or distressing situation.


We are NOT taking in parrots at this crucial time.

If you need assistance We may be able to direct you to other avenues depending on your situation.

Relinquish or Surrender of Birds

 The parrot crisis is upon us and so many parrots are being breed and sold. Our adopt don't Shop is not working.

All thou we pride ourselves with high adoption rates. BUT LATELY Not allot of adoptions WHY? Part of the biggest reasons stores and breeders are putting them out in our community 10 times fold. The community makes the call and cute little babies are what is in right now.


We are left with the unwanted the broken and Old, the Bonded the plucked the disabled that are here waiting for homes.

We can Not and will not over fill our doors full where another parrot gets pushed to a corner unable to be loved. 

We ask the community to help. 

And it is clearly babies over adoption from a rescue is the in right now.

This is the sad truth.

Adoption saves lives. 

But our adoptions have diminished to 10% because we don’t have the babies who are so cute in the window fronts.

We are sorry. 

Wait list is in effect for intakes. Not even emergencies can we tend to. 

Here is other options for other rescues.

 Filling out this form in no way guarantees immediate placement.

We take valuable time in finding homes for parrots prior to rescue.

This time is costly to the established parrots in care.

Here is OTHER resources: PLEASE DO your research on placement these are links of resources. APR is NOT affiliated with any of these rescues and can not guarantee placement. these are the links that we have prepared for we believe in their mission.














Whenever problems occur in the home with a companion parrot, APR will try to work with the owner to help resolve those issues. We offer many free online social media, video consultations. network behaviorist that could help. We are fast in response to calls for help. However with volume of calls we now are on emergency only return calls.

However, at APR we also understand and recognize that circumstances do arise that make it very difficult or impossible to adequately care for a bird. 

Therefore, in these circumstances, an assessment of the bird will be conducted and a determination made whether it would be an adoptable bird, eligible to be added to our wait list.

Waiting times can vary according to the number of birds already on the wait list and the number of birds adopted.

WE are NOT a sanctuary. we do not have long term care for sanctuary guidelines.

This is not our business plan.

All Birds in our care even our long term companions such as Scooter lita. Boggie, skittles, Dillon. will eventually need homes.

WHOM said birds above adopted and returned, some more than 3 times.

We will not turn people away with a "No"  We will place on wait list and the list is growing each day.

To the best of our ability and adoptions is the only way to get placement.

Our little corner is a small corner however we have Placed/networked over 600 parrots in numbers,

That is 100 per victorious parrots in crisis out of rescue in homes, a year the most! So yes we are dam proud and will say it out loud~..

Numbers climbing 2019 since we have been public 2012.

Number are important. it shows we are working hard and celebrating the parrots in crisis HOMES.

Many homes. it promotes Adoptions not breeding. it assures the community that they have options. that re-homed parrots are just as good as store bought babies.

We are cheaper in re-home fees and give life time support.

We NOW require all NON emergency parrots to be seen by our vet Dr Ferguson at pine tree vet prior to intake.Vet fees to be paid by owner.

If you are a bird owner and are having difficulties with your bird and/or feel you can no longer provide the care he/she needs, you are not alone.

We offer a way to give your bird a quality life either by re-homing it or keeping it our care depending on his/her personality. Below is a listing of a few of the reasons that contribute to a bird owner’s decision to surrender/relinquish their pet. Some reasons are preventable some are not. Before you decide to surrender/relinquish your pet bird, please take into consideration that each time a bird is surrendered, bought/sold, an existing homeless bird will potentially lose his/her opportunity for a loving home with adoptive parents.

1. Screaming and biting is a “natural” behavior of a parrot. Remember parrots are only two steps away from being “wild.” Some complain of birds being messy but in actuality the way they eat is similar to how they behave in their natural habitats. If your bird is too loud and aggressive consider that parrots are “flock” animals and use their voices to communicate with other members of the “flock” over great distances. Unfortunately most people do not do enough research into the “nature of parrots” prior to bringing one home.

2. A bird can become dangerously aggressive when they feel their territory and/or mate is “threatened”. The bird’s behavior and care demands may become intolerable and some people simply may decide they can’t or will not work with the bird and will choose to give up the bird for the sake of the human relationship. A new baby or new family members falls into this category too. Family member/members does not “like” the bird and/or the feeling is mutual – Birds are imprinted to mate/bond within the structure of an extended “flock”. They can become possessive of his/her chosen “mate” and can act extremely aggressive towards others that he/she sees as a “threat” to his/her “mate/bond”.

3. Cost of caring for the parrot- Parrots are expensive to purchase, feed, house and some have expensive health issues. They may develop behavioral issues such as feather picking and self mutilation that can add to high veterinary bills. Some owners neglect to address an issue before it becomes difficult to control because of the expense associated with these health issues. The bird is the one who suffers here.

4. Changes in family status. Divorce, moving- The end of a marriage or relationship is stressful, both emotionally and financially on everyone in the family include parrots. Most often both parties will move to rental properties or to a relative’s home that does not or will not allow pets, especially loud parrots. It could even be detrimental or dangerous for the bird to stay in his/her present home, in which case, we support and encourage surrender.

5. We realize that some bird owners may be subject to circumstances beyond their control and don’t have the ability to consider other options. Or, for some, keeping their bird may not be in the bird’s best interest. If your circumstances include any of the above or one we haven't addressed, and you feel your situation is hopeless and that there is no other option but to surrender/relinquish your pet bird you are not alone.

6. Each year millions of bird owners are led to believe that birds make wonderful companions and they can in the right home that understands parrot care.  It's often after a bird is brought home that owners discover parrots require more care than they can or are willing and able to provide.

This does not make you a bad person and please do not feel guilty. Here at A.P.R we are here for your assistance. We will help you with whatever issue you are having with your parrot if you truly want to keep your pet. Most issues can be resolved with proper education and training techniques for you and your bird. PLEASE contact us so we may provide you with the available options. Visit our Contact Us page. If you have used all of the options available to you and you must make the painful decision to surrender/relinquish your beloved pet, please review all of the information on our attached Relinquishment form.

We will strive to find your beloved pet a perfect home that will ensure it a safe and happy future.  We want to help the birds, whatever your situation may be. We understand that things happen! Also Ask us about temporarily fostering your bird~

All forms must be completed prior to us accepting any bird in our care. This will assure the ability to access the birds' needs. All birds need to come with their current cage to foster a smooth transition.

An intake fee is required with all new intakes.  The intake fee may be waived ONLY if the parrot has been vetted within six months and then only as determined by APR staff.

A.P.R.- is a non-profit private exotic bird rescue, dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, health and placement of exotic birds. You have asked A.P.R.to take ownership and care of your bird. A.P.R. takes an ever growing number of birds in. Caring for these birds, assessing their potential to be rehabilitated, working with problems in behavior, special needs, vet care and of course food and shelter required on a daily basis is expensive.

We ask that you consider a contribution to offset the cost of care for your bird until the time that we are able to place it into an approved home.

Many of the birds that come to us are from true rescue situations, and have not been as fortunate as your bird. Your financial contribution helps us to offset some of the costs incurred with rescue work so we can continue these efforts. 

NON emergency intakes approved will be seen by our vet prior to intake for full blood panel x-rays and gram stain. Our cots go toward the parrots in neglect and in urgent crisis.


By signing this Parrot Relinquishment Agreement you transfer ownership of the bird described above to A.P.R.-All Parrot Rescue. In addition you agree to all terms of this agreement. 

We require vet expense to be paid prior of intake. Fee is 200 per bird. (No exceptions) 

You warrant to A.P.R. that you are the sole owner of the bird, have the right to transfer ownership to A.P.R.and that there are no encumbrances on or other ownership of the bird. You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless A.P.R.from and against all actions, claims, damages, losses, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) if the above warranties are incorrect or incomplete, or if you breach this agreement. Washington State law will govern this agreement, and you agree that any litigation arising under this agreement will be brought in a court having jurisdiction in The State of Washington. You agree, without additional consideration, to sign, acknowledge, and deliver any other documents, and take any action necessary or appropriate and reasonably requested by A.P.R.-All Parrot Rescue in order to carry out the intent and purposes of this agreement.

Surrender form (must be fully completed)

Can you provide evidence of last vet visit

Does bird(s) have healthy interaction with other birds

Do you cover bird cage at night

Intake fee is $200 per bird.